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Hi There! It’s Bossy Here! Welcome

Born and raised in the sunny island of Jamaica, and with the relocation on British soil and unpredictable weather, not even the tempest of climate change rattling my bones can put a damper on my love for music. From ‘mi eye deh ah mi knee,’ we face hardship and experience ghetto life, and whilst the rest of the world may sit in judgment, who feels it knows it.

For most of us, an opportunity was never a sure thing, but as a not-so-ole’ expression goes, ‘luck is what happens when preparation meets an opportunity.’ Most of us as youths found solace in music, a way of expressing hurt, pain, hunger, and the realities of living, while at the same time, praying for an opportunity to tell our stories….

Music has always been a form of escapism, and a platform to channel energy. I see the same eagerness in the ‘youths dem’, looking for an escape, and looking at ways to off-load. Nanimus Music provides just that. From cultural reggae music to all types of bashment music…‘de Youths dem haffi buss!’ and here at Nanimus Music, we help rise ‘dem up!

Nanimus Music To The Rescue…

Of course, one might argue that some sounds are too much ‘gun talk’ or killy killy kind of songs, even lewd, but step off your high horses for a minute or two… take a deep breath! It’s just another form of expression of real-life situations that most artists have faced.

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Nanimus Music is not here to judge. Nanimus Music is here to give back! To give to the youths, opportunities to record songs and get their music heard, so welcome to Nanimus Music, browse our pages, subscribe to our music channel, and if you can make a musical note with your vocal cord, don’t hesitate…come and book a recording session NOW!

Reasons To Visit US

Experience the Nanimus effect – where musical talent meets musical engineer, talented beyond  measures. Its YOUR time to shine. Nanimus music opens doors – The Youths dem haffi buss! –  Book your session Today!

Listen to the Sounds

Whether vocal or instrumental, music is a form of art and an expression of emotions

Musical Notes

Vibration of sounds that echos through the air is what keeps us in a musical sphere

Music Connects

When all else fails, music is the thing that keeps the spirit alive and binds us together

Professional Services

5 star treatment is what artists deserves for the musical gift of giving 

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