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Our Approach

Here at Nanimus we specialise in all things music. From PR to production and recording, we have you covered. Based in the UK we work with artist both here and oversees, particularly Jamaica. We help develop artists and facilitate their future careers.

Our Story

Both England and Jamaica have a huge music scene and often talented artist go unnoticed, we want to change that. Initially investing money into independent artists we have decided take it a step further. Building a studio and creative space as well as working closely with the talent we aim to push our clients to fulfil their potential

Next Steps…

Get in contact with us if you would like to know more or are inquiring about booking studio time. We will be more than happy to give further information.

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Reasons To Visit US

Experience the Nanimus effect – where musical talent meets musical engineer talented beyond all measures. Its YOUR time to shine. Nanimus music opens doors – The Youths dem haffi buss! –  Book your session Today!

Listen to the Sounds

Whether vocal or instrumental, music is a form of art and an expression of emotions

Musical Notes

Vibration of sounds that echos through the air is what keeps us in a musical sphere

Music Connects

When all else fails, music is the thing that keeps the spirit alive and binds us together

Professional Services

5 star treatment is what artists deserves for the musical gift of giving