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Father God – Fuzzy Termite

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“Father God” by Fuzzy Termite


Known for sharing positive and uplifting messages through his music, Fuzzy Termite has yet again released a song entitled “Father God”, produced by Nanimus music and Quazar entertainment on the Whiteline riddim. This song in particular conveys a message of self-belief and determination. Moreover, it seeks to empower listeners to be self-motivated and to work hard to achieve success. 

 Taken from the “Whiteline compilation” by various artists, “Father God” was released in March 2021. The compilation consists of 6 tracks, which includes “Father God” by Fuzzy Termite. Songs from this compilation are related to positivity and consciousness and could be considered as a subgenre of roots reggae.

 Fuzzy Termite a UK based Dancehall/Reggae recording artist has undertaken various music projects with Nanimus music and has thus far recorded and released a small catalogue of songs together which will be featured on his upcoming EP. This will include songs such as Mama Love, Nah Give Up, Ghetto Royalty and more.

 The Bible states that “God helps those who help themselves” however, Fuzzy Termite propagates that although God provides protection he will not allow people to abuse and or take advantage of him. The song was inspired by animosities surrounding his life, where he felt that there were certain adversaries, which were conspiring against him to bring about his downfall. Despite the odds, being who he is, he persevered and overcame the obstacles.

 DownThe official audio for Father God is available to stream or download on all major digital platforms, with the official visual soon to be released. Please follow @fuzzytermitemusic @nanimusmusic for updates and future release thanks for reading.


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