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A ‘Bossy’ Humanitarian

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A Humanitarian is someone “concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare” and the song ‘Bossy’ does just that. The up-tempo track has a deeper meaning of self-empowerment and achieving your goals but on the surface is all about having fun.

“Live inna love, we no live inna hate” Humanitarian sings as he encourages his listeners to have a positive outlook on life. In classic Jamaican style Bossy is about living your best life and partying whilst the artist isn’t afraid to let you know you are not quite on his level.

Whilst the song is about partying, it is essentially an homage to Nanimus Music founder Eaton aka “Bossy” which is why we hear Humanitarian mention Bossy throughout. After hearing the ‘Yell Ball Riddim’ from Eaton it inspired the creation of the track.

Jamaican’s are innately positive, living to the best of their abilities and with love especially in crazy times and Eaton is the representation of that. It can be regarded as a theme tune for Eaton but is also a standalone track depicting the artists talent.

Without knowing the backstory and inception of the song it is easy to enjoy this bop. It is the type of song that can get you dancing in the rave before you’ve even had a drink. It has the appeal to crossover and potentially find its way into a demographic less expected.

Bossy is out NOW available on all platforms, it is a solo single outside of the upcoming compilation release.


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