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Artist Gianni Mae Releases ‘Black Girl Magic’

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Gianni Mae

Introducing Caribbean artist Gianni Mae with her new single titled “Black Girl Magic” as she looks to close out 2021 with a big bang.

“Black Girl Magic” is supposed to be an anthem for Black women of all ages, as well as a catchy rhythmic bop to twerk, dance and chant to. While the dancehall infused song is suitable for every moment, it unfolds its full power when Gianni performs it live as she did when she opened the show for Nigerian superstar Omah Lay at his sold out concert at Earth in London back in the summer.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Black Girl Magic”, Gianni Mae says, “This record is for all Black women, all my sisters, mothers and daughters. I want every single Black woman who listens to Black Girl Magic, to feel divine, fierce and sensual. No matter what your background is, as a Black woman you can relate to this anthem. The video is Black Girl Magic in itself“.

She adds that, “All the Black women in the video bring their own unique presence to the screen. I wanted to make sure that the video stood for community and togetherness. So the mission was to get a big group of Black women together and have us all shine in the video and make the video ooze with our divine presence and I believe we captured exactly that“.

Gianni Mae was born in Curacoa and she describes herself as making incredibly unique music that is as diverse as her spirit, with her proud side churning out trap bangers, and her sensitive side delivering on mesmerizing melodies.

She is rooted in her Caribbean heritage but equally at home all over the world, to which she says that she embodies the myth of her birthplace as well as the internationality of numerous places that have shaped who she is.


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