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Bounty Killer Squashes past beef with Super Cat

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Bounty Killer has called for his one-time rival Super Cat to get his flowers as he noted that they have both buried the hatchet.

Super Cat is regarded as one of Jamaica’s biggest artists in dancehall, gaining popularity in the late 1980s- 1990s. The artists’ beef started after Bounty Killer recorded a song in 1994 that seemed to insult Indians, which Super Cat took offense to.

Supercat, who is half-Indian, recorded a diss track, “Scalp Him,” which set off a back and forth between the artists as Bounty Killer responded with “Ancient Days Killings.”

It later died down but resurrected again in Reggae Sunsplash 1996, where the Don Dada threatened to ‘knock’ Bounty’s teeth out.

Bounty’s response was equally cutting as he called Super Cat “old furniture” and said that his time had expired in dancehall.

Super Cat spoke about the beef in 2002 with the Jamaica Gleaner.

“He has no manners. I hear say him going around calling up mi name. I have never met the guy. I know Beenie Man, but I have never seen Bounty Killer in person. Him need to leave me name alone,” he said.

Despite all of that, Bounty Killer seems to be finally burying the hatchet as he makes peace with all of his former foes like Beenie Man.

On Instagram, the singer gave Super Cat his flowers, noting that he is the original ‘rude boy of Dancehall.’

“1st international hardcore dancehall artiste give the Apache his flowers now despite our indifferences in the past history a history way more than misery or mystery salute di DonDadda,” Bounty said in the comment section of a video of the artist in performance at DJ Cassidy’s Pass The Mic Reggae Edition 2022.

“Him set it for us all credit is due,” he added in another comment.

Bounty Killer has in the past spoken about his past lyrical beef where he named Super Cat as among his most memorable. He recalled entering the business and being hotheaded but noted that he didn’t write the song that caused the feud.

“Well, me an Super Cat neva have nuttn. Hear wha happen now. You si di song weh she ‘riding through di desert’? I neva even write a word inna it. Pinchers write dah song deh enuh … and Super Cat heard it,” Bounty said.

Super Cat has not responded to Bounty Killer, but the Seaview Garden’s native has made a concerted effort in recent times to work with other artists, including his former rivals like Beenie Man and some younger artists whom he has said he is mentoring.View this post on Instagram

Bounty Killer has mend fences with several of his former musical rivals including Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel who he also mentored in his early career. In fact, Bounty and Beenie are now BFFs despite beefing for two decades in what is perhaps the most famous dancehall beef in the history of the genre.

Perhaps we might get a Super Cat and Bounty Killer collab before the two legendary deejays officially hang up their mic.


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